2014 NBA Draft: K.J. McDaniels, overlooked as usual


TORONTO — K.J. McDaniels’ parents ran into Alabama head coach Anthony Grant at the airport on their way back from the NIT. He told them his Crimson Tide had dropped the ball in recruiting their son. “Yeah, you did,” his mother, Shawn, replied. 

Alabama wasn’t alone. As a high schooler, McDaniels was only a three-star recruit. Dr. Levan Parker, the head coach and headmaster at Central Park Christian in Birmingham, Ala., had to ask big-name schools to visit and watch him play.

“He called everybody,” Shawn said. “He called Alabama, he called Auburn, he was like, ‘You guys have got to see this kid.’ And they would come there and they were just like, ‘There’s just something missing.’ And I said that there’s something special there, too, and you’ve got to be able to see that.”

Florida had a look, too. So did Missouri, Tennessee and Arkansas. 

“They all came and they just passed on him,” Shawn said.

After three years at Clemson, and a first-team All-ACC selection as a junior, McDaniels is in Thursday’s draft. He’s come a long way, but finds himself overlooked again. That’s what drives him.

“I feel like I’ve been underrated my whole life,” McDaniels said. “I feel like I was told I can’t a lot.”

McDaniels’ father, Kevin, starred at South Alabama in the early 90s, so he grew up in the gym. In middle school, it became clear he hoped to follow in his footsteps. 

“He tried football, he tried baseball,” Kevin said. “But once we got him on that court, he said, ‘Dad, this is what I want to do. I want to play basketball.’”

Teaming up with his neighbor, McDaniels would play two-on-one outside against his 6-foot-2 father. As he sprouted to 6-6, his parents had an idea what the future could hold if he kept at it. Even if others weren’t noticing.

“K.J. just kind of maneuvered his way through, unrecognized, worked really hard, nobody ever felt like he was good enough,” Shawn said. “His dad said, ‘The day that you can beat me is the day that I’ll say you’re good.’ And that day happened when K.J. was in high school and the sky’s been the limit since then.”

Clemson assistant coach Earl Grant went to Central Park Christian in McDaniels’ senior year, intrigued after seeing him play in a Las Vegas tournament the previous summer. Grant thought he was a combo forward, and loved that he could fly above the rim for rebounds. McDaniels had the quickest second jump he’d ever seen, but Grant worried about his skill level. Unsure if he could make plays on the perimeter, the assistant didn’t know wason.Palace finished 12th last season but after a summer of limited spending Hodgson says he cannot be certain of any improvement.Speaking at a Palace for Life event, Hodgson said: “Fans would like to hear ‘yeah it’s going to be a great season, we’vehat to tell Tigers head coach Brad Brownell. He decided to sleep on it.

When Grant walked into Brownell’s office the next day, he raved about McDaniels’ athleticism. He said they had to recruit him.

In speaking to his parents, Grant saw where McDaniels got his tough streak. He would need that resolve when he got to college. Stuck behind a senior, Tanner Smith, he averaged onlyer Ole Gunnar Solskjaer.Some fans and pundits believe that Solskjaer is not good enough to turn around the fortunes of such a giant club.But Mata believes that replacing yet another manager, their fourth since Sir Alex Ferguson retired in 2012, would 10 minutes per game as a freshman. Smith was “obviously not as talented as him,” Grant said, but the Tigers coaching staff liked the veteran’s all-around game. 

“I felt like I could play,” McDaniels said. “I didn’t play that much, so I used that as motivation to just go out there and just do extra. Like, ask the older players how they dealt with their freshman year, what they did. And then also just work, just working, using practices, pick-up games, that definitely helped me out a lot and got me a lot better. It definitely motivated me.”

Even though he dropped jaws with dunks and blocks in practice, the team wanted to take things slowly with him. “To us, he should’ve redshirted his freshman year,” Shawn said. 

McDaniels started one game that season, at Virginia Tech in February of 2012. He shot 7-for-11 from the field, including six dunks. His little brother, Dylan, turned eight years old that day.

“I’ll never forget it,” Kevin said, recalling watching his son’s best game of the season on a big screen at a Dave & Buster’s in Atlanta.

The next game, however, he was back on the bench. The Tigers met Virginia Tech again in the first round of the ACC Tournament a month later, and Kevin recalled an ESPN reporter calling him the X factor. McDaniels only played seven minutes in the season-ending loss. Hisaction against former director Francesco Totti.It was reported Roma would be taking Totti to court after accusations made during his farewell media conference.But Pallotta tweeted: “Not a chance. 100% false.“In the history of our ownership, that family talked to him about transferring.

McDaniels said he wasn’t a quitter, and spent some of the summer in Houston with John Lucas, some of it working with Clemson’s staff. As a sophomore he was inserted into the starting lineup, and now his parents both speak of how grateful they are for his coaches helping him grow. 

With how he played this past season, it’s hard to comprehend how McDaniels remained under the radar. He averaged 17.1 points, 7.1 rebounds and a ridiculous 2.8 blocks per game. Some nights, he looked like a superstar, like when he shot 9-for-11 in his 30-point, 14-rebound, five-block performance against Georgia State in the first round of the NIT.

McDaniels had putback dunks in traffic that defied reason. He grabbed opposing players’ shots — plural — out of the air.  

“The ball is like a magnet to him,” Grant said. “He’ll be on one side of the floor, and his teammate will be taking a shot on the other side of the floor, he’ll shoot an air ball and, most kids, they can’t time that, they don’t really realize it’s going to be an air ball. But for whatever reason, K.J. would just somehow show up and put it back in. And the same thing with blocked shots. He wouldn’t be nowhere near the play, but it’s like all of a sudden there’s a magnetic force, it takes him to the ball and he just blocks it.”

The seeds for his breakout were planted earlier. He was invited to attend the Kevin Durant Skills Academy and the LeBron James Skills Academy after his sophomore season. With Durant, he was starstruck at first, but still managed to block the superstar’s shot. Durant wasn’t happy.

“We have a picture of Kevin Durant and K.J. from the camp,” Shawn said. “Kevin Durant does not look like K.J. is his favorite player. He looks like this kid here just got under my skin. But K.J. said [Durant] kicked that ball into the ceiling and it just scared the bejesus out of him.”

There’s a photo of McDaniels with James, too, and he’s worn out. He told his family he was exhausted, he’d never played that hard in his life and James was truly the greatest player on the planet. 

“He came back leagues ahead of everybody else because he had played against the best in the world,” Shawn said. “That just made all the difference in his confidence. He felt like, ‘I’m unstoppable, I can do anything.’ He said he would just picture them as LeBron and he would just go hard on ‘em. And that’s when some of those phenomenal plays took place.”

In Philadelphia during the hectic pre-draft workout process, McDaniels caught up with former Tigers teammate Devin Coleman, who transferred to Temple. Coleman asked him what it felt like to be taking the step every basketball player has dreamed about. McDaniels said it was surreal, and he was being treated like he was a celebrity. He just wanted to put his best foot forward, then get back home to his family and his dogs. 

There are two pit bulls at the McDaniels home now, but they’ve previously housed a handful of the animals at a time. McDaniels rescues abused pit bulls and finds homes for them. When he’s away, 10-year-old Dylan takes care of them.

“He got a dog when he was maybe about 11 years old and he was excellent at training the dog,” Shawn said. “Now, I have a Yorkie, his name is Bentley, he’s the most insane dog that we’ve ever had and he’s only three pounds. K.J. trains his pit bulls, they’re so well-mannered, housebroken, I mean just loving, loving dogs. And I think dogs take on the personalities of their owners. Now, that says very little for me and Bentley — Bentley’s out of control, we’ll see him beat up on the pit bulls and I’ll say, ‘One day, they’re going to eat you, Bentley’ — but K.J. takes a special interest in training the dogs and he loves them.”

Talking to McDaniels, it’s immediately apparent why everyone who knows him describes him as laid back and polite. His relaxed Alabama accent reflects his off-court demeanor. On the court it’s a different story, and his father reminds him continually to be aggressive, to be a beast. Unselfish by nature, McDaniels is not one to force things. Grant said he’s seen a different gear in him when he’s put up monster numbers, though, and he’ll be “really special” in the if he can harness that all the time.

“I need to find a reason to get pissed off before every game,” McDaniels said with a smile. “But just going out there trying to stay consistent with it, that’ll be my biggest challenge.”

The scouting reports say he’ll be able to get on the floor in the league as a wing defender. With time he could grow into a dynamic offensive threat, but he’ll probably start his career as a finisher and shooter more than a creator. There’s a track record of relatively unheralded small forward prospects like Paul George and Kawhi Leonard taking that path. 

Though he doesn’t play the same position, the same could be said for Eric Bledsoe, a friend and role model of McDaniels’ from Birmingham. Bledsoe was selected No. 18 in 2010, and his two-way brilliance might set him up for a maximum contract this summer. Like Bledsoe years ago, some question McDaniels’ ability to convert threes as a pro from Day 1. While he shot just 30 percent from the three-point line this past season, his form, his 84-percent mark from the free throw line and his increased accuracy on spot-up attempts are reasons for optimism. He thinks he’ll improve, and the doubts are nothing new. He knows he’s blessed to be in the position to soon prove people wrong.

“I’ll start crying right now the more I think about it because it’s so overwhelming,” Shawn said. “I’m like, ‘There are only 60 guys out of the millions of guys around this world that love this game and are good at it. You’re one of those guys, do you understand?’ And it hasn’t really set in with him yet. 

“He just wants to play professionally. He loves it. With me, I’m going, ‘K.J., do you know what you’ve done?’ And he says, ‘I’ve just done what I love, I just play the game.’”


Kidd-Gilchrist, who still can’t put pressure on h


forward is out again Monday against the Clippers with a foot injury. Kidd-Gilchrist, who still can’t put pressure on his foot, , according to the Associated Press.

Kidd-Gilchrist hasn’t played since Nov. 11 against the Trail Blazertor Marina Granovskaia is delighted to have tied down another academy player to a long-term contract.Fiyako Tomori signed a new five-year deal on Thursday, committing himself to the club until 2024.”We are very happy to see another fantastic young pls. He is averaging 8.4 points and 5.0 rebounds per game. 

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Eye on Basketball Podcast: Shoots and Ladders


Matt Moore joinsong-term prospects in the job.The Telegraph says questions are being asked about the manager for the first time since he replaced Maurizio Sarri last season.Fifth-placed Tottenham are one point behind Chelsea ahead of Jose Mourinho’s return to Stamfo me on today’s podcast to talk about “good execution” or whatever star Russell Westbrook is giving to the media these days. When he is “difficult” with the media, does that truly hurt the post game process? Should reporters just accept that he’s not really going to be willing to fulfill the post-game part of his job? I Real Madrid sports chief Pedja Mijatovic has taken a new swipe at Gareth Bale.Mijatovic has describe Spaniard, who revealed he came close to joining the Hammers in 2015 before eventually taking over at Real Madrid, insists he is happy in China.”It was in the past, it’s true that I was nearly there (at West Ham),” he said. “Then Real Madrid came, aed Bale as “very rare”.He explained: “I think Bale is a very particular boy. I don’t know him personally, but from the statements that I have read fros it bad for him or the Thunder? Does it actually make the job harder?

The are soaring in the East. The have primed themselves as one of the best defensive teams in the league. The need to get healthy before they form their Eastern Conference Voltron. And the are really struggling over their last nine games. So what gives in the East as we move toward the playoffs?

We discuss all of this, plus Larry Sanders’ suspension, post night club festivities, and preview tonight’s games.

Have questions for the podcast? Send them to , or ask them on Twitter with the hashtag , and we’ll answer them on the show.

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Hawes is dealing with a foot sprain. He was remove


center was Friday, according to the Orange County Register. 

Hawes is dealing with a foot sprain. He was removed from the team’s injury report after he was able to get through practice with no issues. 

More News 03/02/2019 • by RotoWire Staff 02/28/2019 • by RotoWire Staff tted interest in Real Madrid attacker James Rodriguez.Napoli are regarded as favourites to land James, though Atletico have also been linked.”Atletico are interested in great players and James is a great player, but from that to he’s going to come, t 09/01/2017 on Semedo.Mourinho is keen to bring his fellow Portuguese to London this month and talks have been held with his minders.For his part, Semedo is weighing up his future at Barca after struggling to nail down a regular start this season.However, Mundo • by RotoWire Staff 08/31/2017 • by RotoWire Staff 06/27/2017 • by RotoWire Staff .The Sun says he even warned them the axe could fall on him if they get thumped at home to Liverpool straight after the international break.United have had their worst start to a season in 30 years and a 1-0 defeat at Newcastle on Sunday left them ju 04/13/2017 • by RotoWire Staff


lanta Journal-Constitution reports.It’s the


The center to Fort Wayne of the Developmental League Sunday, the Atlanta Journal-Constitution reports.

It’s the third D-League assignment of the season for Muscala, who has averaged 4.8 points and 2.2 rebounds in 9.3 minutes over nine games with the Hawks. He could be available to return to the team Tuesday.

Wolves see the 19 year-old Swede as a potential January transfer target.Indeed, Wolves are now weighing up making an offer for the youngster.However, the Premier Leas have offered the German to clubs across Europe.But Ozil told Adidas in a video which continued the launch of Arsenal’s new kit: “I’ve played for so many clubs already who all have their own fanbase but what I appreciate about Arsenal, and I’ve begue outfit will face competition should parent club Atalanta be willing to sell Kulus More News 03/04/2020 • by RotoWire Staff 02/06/2020 • by RotoWire Staff 01/26/2020 • by RotoWire Staff erpool boss Jurgen Klopp was delighted with their 3-0 rout of Bournemouth on Saturday.Goals from Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain and Naby Keita in the latter stages of the first half were added to by Mohamed Salah’s clinical finish shortly after the restart 01/18/2020 • by RotoWire Staff 01/14/2020 • by RotoWire Staff 01/08/2020 • by RotoWire Staff


Byron Scott tells Kobe Bryant and Lakers ‘be ready to play some defense’


ESPN spoke with new coach Byron Scott after he accepted the job and Scott says he texted . He also says he sent a message that will be music to Lakers fans’ ears. 

Scott said he’s been texting with Lakers star Kobe Bryant throughout the summer and conferring about this season’s team. Bryant texted Scott this weekend after news broke that he had accepted the job.

“He told me he was working out with Wesley [Johnson] and Nick [Young],” Scott said. “I told them that sounded great, but they ‘better be ready to play some defense.'”

via .

Scott is known as an advocate for strong defense. His teams in New Orleans were particularly stout, especially when stocked with veterans and a rim protector in . It should be pointed out, however, that while last year’s 107.9 points per 100 possessions m hopeful of signing Reece James on loan for next season, according to The Sun.The Chelsea defender enjoyed a remarkable debut loan campaign with Wigan during the 2018/19 campaign.19-year-old James made 40 appearances for the Latics and was named in tark for the Lakers was a disaster, and worse than Scott’s final year in Cleveland, Scott’s 2013 had a 106.9 mark. That was fourth-worst in the league, and in an offensively-limited Eastern Conference. 

But hey, at last Scott has defensive stalwarts like , , and around to really lock down. We’ll see what kind oUdinese striker Kevin Lasagna welcomes interest from Inter Milan.Inter see Lasagna as a possible backup for Romelu Lukaku.”I’ve also read this story,” agent Massimo Briaschi told FCInterNews.“I don’t know where it came from or what the source is. I have no news about it right now so I find it hard to comment.“I haven’t heard from Inter for a while, but it would certainly be nice. Kevin has embarked on a significant path from Serie D to Serie A and the national team in recent seasons.“It would be the crowning achievement of his career. We couldn’t hope for better.“Lasag of dominating English football for years to come. According to The Sun, the club has booked the Wembley Hilton hotel for all possible Wembley appearances next season.The Citizens have the opportunity to win the unprecedented domestic Treble if they na has a contract until 2023 with Udinese. Let’s see what happens in the next few games and then we’ll assess everything.”f magic Scott can pull off in LA. 


marking his second consecutive game missed. His n


small forward (illness) did not play in Wednesday’s loss to the Jazz, marking his second consecutive game missed. His next chance to play will come Friday against the Wizards.

More News 10/26/2015 • by RotoWire Staff 10/23/2015 • by RotoWire Staff Ilkay Gundogan has eased talk of a move to Inter Milan.With just over a year to run on his contract, City are expected to sell the Germany international this summer.Gundogan has been linked with Inter, but he told Sky Italia: “I don’t know, I didn’t Everton boss Marco Silva admits James McCarthy is likely to leave this week.The midfielder is a target for Crystal Palace.Silva told the Liverpool Echo: “It’s one agent Mino Raiola when deciding his future.Raiola has been vocal in the media about the World Cup winner wanting to leave United this summer.However, Pogba has demonstrated a consummate attitude on the club’s preseason tour of Australia, and Robson possibility of course. “Let’s see what the decision will be for the next few days.”For this match I went with other players, they worked better during the week and they are more ready to play and to help the team.” 09/28/2015 • by RotoWire Staff 07/09/2015 • by Elliot Smith 07/02/2015 • by Elliot Smith 06/17/2015 • by Sean D’Oliveira


h Naples is normal,” he told Otto Channel.“I spend


The small forward to a 10-day coth the Azzurri.“My relationship with Naples is normal,” he told Otto Channel.“I spend a lot of time outside the city, and when I return in the evening the only thing I enjoy in Naples is a restaurant or pizzeria.“This city could be nicer with sntract rather than small forward , Yahoo! Sports reports.

Miller, who was waived by the Pelicans in November, was reported to be in line for the 10-day deal with the Clippers. However, it appears the team will move forward with Jones, who was waived by the Jazz before the season. He averaged 3.4 points on 36.9 percent shooting in his last action during the 2012-13 season.

More News 04/11/2017 .Valverde admitted that Luis Suarez’s wondergoal took him by surprise from the dugout.The Uruguayan striker bounced the ball past Manolo Reina with a backheel to score Barcelona’s fourth goal of the night before half time.”The situation took me by su • by RotoWire Staff 10/24/2016 • by RotoWire Staff 10/10/2016 • by RotoWire Staff 09/23/2016 • by RotoWire Staff e not fancied when they went to Manchester United on Saturday. But they emerged from the game with a stunning 2-1 win.And Cahill played his part in the defensive resilience that helped keep United at bay for significant portions of the encounter.”It’ 07/31/2016 • by RotoWire Staff 06/20/2016 • by RotoWire Staff


108-102 preseason win over the Cavaliers.N


power forward scored 16 points and grabbed nine rebounds in Friday’s 108-102 preseason win over the Cavaliers.

Nowitzki was sidelined earlier in the preseason by a hip injury, but after seeing 19 minutes of action Sunday, the Mavericks star upped his workload to 29 minutes Friday. He should be ready to verpool held a secret friendly with Benfica in preparation for Saturday’s Champions League final victory over Tottenham.Liverpool boss Jurgen Klopp arranged the behind-closed-doors friendly during his side’s training camp in Marbella in the build-up fill his regular role by the start of the regular sea to stay next season.Jagielka, 36, acknowledges that Everton need to slim down their squad during the summer transfer window and add more quality at the same time, but the former England international insists he does not want to be part of any exodusson.

More News 04/11/2019 • by RotoWire Staff 04/10/2019 • by RotoWire Staff 04/08/2019 • by RotoWire Staff 04/07/2019 • by RotoWire Staff 04/06/2019 • by RotoWire Staff 04/01/2019 er Jurgen Klopp says Divock Origi’s new long-term extension is a “win-win” situation.The 24-year-old scored key goals in the semi-final and final of this season’s Champions League and has been rewarded with a brand new contract.Just 12 months ago, th • by RotoWire Staff


lt Lake Tribune.With playing well while Ka


coach Quin Snyder was emphatic starting center will , reports the Salt Lake Tribune.

With playing well while Kanter was sidelined, Snyder has repeatedly been asked about the starting role and he said nothing will change.

“We have a starting lineup. Enes has been the starter. Rudy comes off the bench,” Snyder said. “That’s not something I believe in toyhoping that Manchester United can have a settled back four this season.Solskjaer was not happy with the number of goals his team conceded last season.It is why he wanted to sign Aaron Wan-Bissaka and Harry Maguire regardless of the cost to bring theming with.”

Snyder added that he’s been pleased with Kanter’s play and his . 

“Enes has been terrific,” he said. “He’s a big part of what we do and we need him to play well.”

More News 30D ago • by RotoWire Staff esa.Liverpool are planning to start their summer spending on Chiesa.TuttoMercatoWeb reports the European champions are planning to join the race for the young forward, but might be unlikely to secure his signature.Serie A champions Juventus are consi 04/10/2020 • by RotoWire Staff a insists he’s in the dark over claims the club is being sold.The Viola are staying up after their 0-0 draw with Genoa on the final day of the season.“I don’t know if the club is being sold, I expect the owners to still be here as nothing has been 03/27/2020 • by RotoWire Staff 03/16/2020 • by RotoWire Staff 03/12/2020 • by RotoWire Staff 03/12/2020 • by RotoWire Staff


bable due to a foot injury. While he was active fo


forward did not play Wednesday against the Jazz.

Payne was probable due to a foot injury. While he was active for the contest, Payne did not log any minutes due to a coach’s decision. Payne has yet to play this season due to the injury.

More w at Leicester City.The 38 year-old Argentine was selected ahead of Kepa Arrizabalaga for his first Premier League appearance of the season.”I feel great because I played and we got one point in a difficult stadium against a difficult team,” he former Liverpool man has been a mainstay for Wolves since Nuno took over the dugout.Edwards said: “Conor has always been a leader. He’s so vocal – such a big talker.”He’s like that every single day in the dressing room, and such a happy guy as wellsaid.News 03/13/2019 • by RotoWire Staff 01/12/20to remain at PSG. Despite wanting to stay in the French capital, PSG are weighing up offers for the Belgian from the two Premier League giants.He told RTBF when quizzed on the latest rumours: “I will repeat myself again: my ambition is to stay in Par19 • by RotoWire Staff 08/01/2018 • by RotoWire Staff 01/27/2018 • by RotoWire Staff 12/09/2017 • by RotoWire Staff 10/04/2017 • by RotoWire Staff


Monty Williams: Anthony Davis needs 20 shots per game


head coach Monty Williams wanho has replaced Edu as Brazil’s general coordinator following their Copa America triumph.Juninho has now taken the role after Tite’s side beat Peru to win the South American tournament.Edu is set to take over as technical director at Arsenal and counts to be more involved offensively. The third-year superstar is second in the leac is a step away from signing for AC Milan.Begovic has undergone a medical with AC Milan ahead of a loan move to the Italian giants until the end of the current campaign.The 32-year-old has not made an appearance for the Cherries all season.BBC Sportgue in scoring at 25.4 points per game, but there are times when the team goes away from him. A day after Davis shot just 4-for-12 in the Pelicans’ 99-89 loss to the and only attempted one field goal in the fourth quarter, Williams held a meeting with his players and told them what he wanted to see, :

”Anthony (Davis) cannot be in a game and not touch the ball,”Williams said after his meeting with players. ”We have to have an effort to get him at least 20 shots every night. ”And that’s on me too. As much as I draw up plays for him, run the offense through him, the guys on the floor has to know it. When they don’t do it, I’ve got to make sure they get him the ball. Because he’s not a selfish player, he’s going to make the right plays. And our guys know that.”

Davis has probably been the MVP of the season’s first month, registering an almost-incomprehensible 34.52 PER, far and away the highest in the . New Orleans’ offense has fallen off a cliff pretty much every timeo London.El Chiringuito says Spurs are keen to re-sign Bale from Real Madrid but are only willing to cough up £25m for the Welsh winger. Bale, who moved to the La Liga side from Spurs in 2013 for £85million, has a contract until 2022 and Bale’s age Davis has gone to the bench. He should obviously have the ball in his hands, and, even though  and are capable creators, they need to do a better job of feeding him, especially late in games. 

In a 106-94 win against the on Saturday, Davis exploded for 43 points on 16-for-23 shooting. It’s not as if the Pelicans don’t know he’s the No. 1 option. It’s just a matter of consistently taking advantage of his presence on the court. Williams’ “at least 20 shots every night” mandate seems more than reasonable.


Atlanta mayor: ‘No less than six prospective buyers’ for Hawks


As the fallout continues amidst the revelations of racially insensitive conduct by GM Danny Ferry and owner Bruce Levensen, the mayor of Atlanta said Wednesday that as many as six separate parties have reached Milan GM Beppe Marotta has declared Paul Pogba his best piece of business.Marotta signed Pogba for nothing from Manchester United while in charge of Juventus before selling him back for near €115m.He said, “I think my best deal was Liverpool player Paul Ince believes that Ole Gunnar Solskjaer does not have enough exciting players in his squad.Ince, who has often served as a vocal critic of Solskjaer and the club’s management structure, believes the team does not have a squad gPogba at Juveout to discuss a potential purchase of the franchise. From the AP: 

The mayor has already heard from plenty of potential buyers for the Atlanta Hawks.

And the city is ready to kick in a hefty sum to make the deal happen.Flankedon.Suarez believes the former Manchester United striker’s game is good enough for the very elite level.He told TMW: “Lautaro (Martinez) seems very interesting to me, while Lukaku is a player of strength and determination. “For now he’s okay but for t by Hall of Famer Dominique Wilkins and other city leaders, Mayor Kasim Reed said Tuesday he expects the sale of the team to move briskly after racially charged comments by owner Bruce Levenson and general manager Danny Ferry.

“I have had conversations with no less than six prospective buyers,” Reed said during a City Hall news conference. “All six of those prospective buyers will have to go through a process to be vetted by the NBA. That process is going to occur very quickly.”

via .

How much the team goes for will be fascinating to track. The small-market sold for $534 million, the mega-market after a racism scandal involving owner Donald Sterling went for $2 billion to Microsoft icon Steve Ballmer. Atlanta stands as something of a paradox. It’s at once a huge market, so incredibly lucrative to own a sports team in, and a bad sports town in terms of attendance and Phillips arena where they play. 

Could the Hawks go for as much as $750 million? It’s clear after the Sterling debacle that no matter how damaged the public relations goods are, the value of the team in terms of market are what matters. 

With the mayor’s office so heavily involved in this process, you can expect there to be very little in the way of outside interest allowed in. So potential “buy-and-relocate” parties like Larry Ellison (who is worth $48 billion and has been shopping for an for over a half-decade) and Chris Hansen in Seattle may not even get close to the process. How much the team fetches for local ownership should be of huge interest, however, even as all the dominoes are yet to fall from the scandal. 


Spurs’ Kawhi Leonard out for preseason, questionable for opener


forward has an eye infection, and it looks like it will keep him out for the remainder of the preseason. The infection also makes him questionable for the Spurs’ season opener against the Dallas Mavericks on Oct. 28, and it sounds like absolutely no fun at all.

“It is going back and forth between the two (eyes),” San Antonio coach Gregg Popovich said Saturday, . “It’s crazy. Kawhi is still out for 10 more days.”

Leonard has only appeared in one , the Spurs’ surprising loss to ALBA Berlin on Oct. 8. The Finals MVP had 14 points and seven rebounds in that game, then complained about his eye bothering him after traveling from Germany to Turkey.

It’s never good to be missing a core player in training camp and the preseason, but San Antonio should be just fithe rest of the season.The 21-year-old has played twice in Premier League 2 for the Albion.He will now get a chance to show his quality in the National League.Albion under-23 coach Simon Rusk said of the move: “James benefited from spending the sale of the club’s stadium, Hillsborough, to owner Dejphon Chansiri.The Championship club sold its Hillsborough Stadium for £60m helping them achieve a pre-tax profit of £2.5m for 2017-18. However, the EFLs a must after their summer spend.Emery spent big bringing in Nicolas Pepe for £72million from Lille as well as taking Dani Ceballos on loan from Real Madrid – at a cost of £15m plus the midfielder’s wages.Arsenal also brought in David Luiz from ‘s charges relate to “how and when” it was seconne. The organization brought back everybody who played meaningful minutes on last year’s championship team. The Spurs did want to stretch Leonard a bit more offensively, though, and they might end up having to experiment with that during the regular season rather than in exhibitions.


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The are expected to sign center Furkan Aldemir , Galatasaray, accxt season.The Blues have finished the Premier League season in third and can win the Europa League trophy if they can overcome Arsenal in the final on May 29.Fans are still not sold on Sarri and his tactics, which have produced inconsistent performanornham midfielder Victor Wanyama.The Daily Record says the Ks trolled Heung-min Son after his match-winning performance against Aston Villa.Son scored twice, including a last-gasp winner, to secure a 3-2 win for the visitors.But after the game, Mourinho decided to wind-up the South Korean during a post-match enyan midfielder has been offered a huge five-year contract worth £65,000 a week as he moves closer to leaving Tottenham.Celtic were linked with a move to re-sign their former player in the wding to CSNPhilly.com. 

Aldemir was originally drafted by the Clippers in the second round of the 2012 draft. Aldemir is averaging 7.8 points and 6.2 rebounds per game in Turkey.