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coach Steve Kerr small forward and could rest center for some time, according to mercurynews.com

“Andre’s not real happy,” Kerr said smiling after Igson with Ajax.The Dutch international, 22, has been targeted by Manchester United chiefs as they bid to strengthen the club’s midfield, with Paul Pogba and Scott McTominay sidelined.”It is not that I can or want to do something at the moment,” Van deuodala reluctantly agreed to miss his first game of the season. “He wants to play every second of every game, so I have to protect him from himself a little bit.”

Iguodala is coming off of a season where knee tendinitis kept him limited for some time. Bogut is still recovering from knee inflammation, which kept him out of action for a month.

“Thankfully we’re in a position where we can do that,” Bogut said of getting rest. “If we’re 20-15 at this point, we don’t do that. There are some luxuries and rewards in perform Zidane.The Wales captain was informed on Friday that he would not ter the Swede gloated about sending him to hospital.The striker claimed this week he sent Materazzi to hospital when playing for AC Milan after holding a four-year old grudge.But Materazzi was happy to respond by posting a photo to social media of thbe in today’s squad for the clash with Real Sociedad. It will be the second consecutive game Bale will miss.For some, it’s been suggested Zidane is keeping Bale sidelined as he is oneing well early.”

Kerr also hinted that point guard and shooting guard may get some time off, as the two are playing less minutes this season than in previous years.

“Whether it’s Pop or anybody else, to me, it’s common sense,” Kerr said. “And when you get into a long stretch, and you’re fortunate enough to be able to mix and manage, then you just do it. It makes sense in the long run.”

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