Byron Scott rips ‘soft’ Lakers after Kings score 80 points in the paint


Byron Scott   of calling his teams “soft,” and it was just a matter of time until it happened this season. It ended up taking just a few days.

The coach held littltalks with Chelsea midfielder Tiemoue Bakayoko.Leonardo signed Bakayoko on a season-long loan last summer as AC Milan sports chief and has remained in contact with the player’s camp.RMC says he is now actively in talks with Bakayoko’s representativese back after allowing the to score 80 points in the paint in a 132-114 loss on Friday. There was a lot of talk about the Lakers’ defense improving with the addition of , but e Bakayoko after their touchline row during victory over Bologna.Gattuso asked Bakayoko, on-loan from Chelsea, to warm up after a Lucas Biglia injury, but he was so slow that the coach called up Jose Mauri instead and the two men exchanged clear insuthey’ve started the season by giving up 244 total points in two losses. 


“We just sucked,” Scott said of his team’s defense. “Simple as that.”

“Defense is obviously a big concern,” Scott said. “Transition defense and lack of effort, also. We just didn’t come with a focus tonight for whatever reason at the start of the game.”

Does Scott have any answers as to why his defense failed again?

“I don’t. I wish I did,” he said. “If I did, I would solve it.”

He added, “Again, we started off real soft. They started off real aggressive. They came up, they picked us up 94 feet. We were careless with the ball. From that point on, it seemed to go downhill.”

“Basically, they had their way with us. I told [Lakers players] at halftime, ‘Sooner or later, you’ve got to man up. You’ve got to man up. It doesn’t come down sometimes to X’s and O’s. You’ve got guys going at you. You’ve got to man up.’ “

Lack of effort, soft, manning up. These are his go-to terms after embarrassing blowouts. It’s getting rather repetitive, but there’s not much you can say after something like that. The Kings ran the Lakers off the floor, starting with a 40-point first quarter and hitting the 100-point mark before the fourth started.

Sacramento guard only needed 24 minutes to score 21 points and hand out eight assists. Rookie center , who started for the first time in his career, had 17 points, nine rebounds, three blocks and a steal, shooting 7-for-8 from the field. , but let’s be realistic here: as great of a rim protector he can be, it takes more than one man to make a good defense.

In all likelihood, the Lakers will continue to struggle on defense all year. That was the concern going into the season, and the problem might be even worse than anyone thought. It’s safe to say this won’t be the last time Scotdraw with Burnley.Neal Maupay’s second goal of the campaign put Albion in front against the Clarets, but Jeff Hendrick’s long-range effort levelled the contest in the first minute of stoppage time to momentarily silence the Amex.Potter said, “Apartt says something like this. 

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