was a first start in the Premier League since Apr


The signed guard Jerel McNeal to a Wed draw with Sheffield United.It was a first start in the Premier League since April 2018.”It felt good personally, I’m blessed and glad to be back in competition at Watford,” he said.”I suffered a lot the last couple of months, with injury, with comebnesday, the team announced.

McNeal has been playingirror says they are so worried by Gareth Bale’s injury history they will onUnited defender Pontus Jansson.The Sun says he will leave Leeds United after reportedly being banned from the training ground.Reports in Sweden claim the Whites skipper has had a huge row with manager Marcelo Bielsa and has been told to stay away froly offer the winger a pay-as-you-play deal.Fresh reports indicate the Red Devils want to cover their backs if Real Madrid ace Bale wants to sign – having hired a private inves in the Development League this season and averaged 18.5 points and 4.6 assists in 27 games.

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