Lance Stephenson: ‘There’s no facts that I’m a bad locker-room guy’


has only been in the NBA for five seasons and he’s already seen some pretty extreme ups and downs during his career. He went from being a highly touted high school prospect to a second-round draft pick, then to an emerging role player looking to cash in during free agency, then to a complete bust of a signing in Charlotte, where he he was such a bad fit that the Hornets traded him this past offseason, just one year into a three-year deal.

Now with the , Stephenson is eyeing a championship, and in the process he’d like to correct what he feels is an inaccurate perception of his basketball character.  that he wants to prove he’s not a bad locker room guy, a claim for which he points out there is no evidence. 

“I’m on a mission to win a chip. I’m on a mission to do great this year. I’m on a mission to prove everybody wrong,” said Stephenson. “I mean, a lot of people are doubting me and saying I’m a bad locker-room guy and all of those rumors, but there’s no facts that I’m a bad locker-room guy, so I’m going to just show everybody and just go hard this year.”

If you read more into the article, it appears that Stephenson thinks his bad-teammate reputation stems from his yelling at temamates on the court. He says there is an understanding between him and his teammates about where he’s coming from when this stuff happens, and there probably is. Teammates yelling at each other during tense moments can often be misconstrued as a lack of composure or some kind of underlying issue within the team construct. That’s not always the case, and it’s probably rarely a sign of a disconnect. Those moments are often fleeting and something both sides move past pretty quickly.

Where I would assume the bad-teammate stigma for Stephenson comes from is his antics toward the end of his run with the Pacers. A mode of motivation for Stephenson during the conference finals battles against the Miami Heat in 2013 and 2014 was trying to get undeidfielder Denis Zakaria.Sky Deutschland says United are leading the race to snap up Zakaria.The Red Devils could allow fellow anchor man Nemanja Matic to leave in the summer once his contract expires, with Paul Pogba also linked to an exit.But Zakarir the skin of LeBron James. It was constant and even seemed to fly in the face of the wishes of Pacers president Larry Bird. It appeared as if Stephenson thought he was more important than the good of the team, even though he may have been acting with relatively pure intentions of trying to help out his team with this tactic.

That’s where the disconnect comes when talking about Stephenson. It’s more a question of his maturity. You can unintentionally be a bad teammate by being a distraction, and that was something Stephenson didn’t seem to understand when he was at the end of his run with the Pacers. It could be immaturity. It could be a lack of awareness or understanding. But whatever it was, it kept Stephenson from remaining the shining beacon of all-around hope he seemed to add to the Pacers’ attack whll finished off a brilliantly worked equaliser to make it 1-1 after just six minutes, but Chelsea prevailed with a solitary goal in the second half.“I’ve waited a long time for that,” Cantwell told post-match. “It felt special to gen he emerged as an important role player.

His time with the Hornets was a disaster, but as he admits to Bolch, it was a bad fit when he was on the floor. His true shooting percentage dropped nearly 15 percent from the previous season. by hitting just 17.1 percent of his 105 attempts from distance. And the offense he was supposed to help boost with his playmaking was much worse because of his presence on the floor. His assist and turnover numbers were actually better than the previous year, but the Hornets were 5.5 points per 100 possessions worse offensively with him on the floor.

As he joins the Clippers this season, he has a chance to be the X-Factor they were lacking on the wing last season. Jamal Crawford had a horrendous season by his standards, and Matt Barnes was asked to do too much for too long. Stephenson is, in theory, the exact type of wing they need to round out that attack. He can guard multiple positions, he used to be able to knock down shots (35.2 percent from 3-point range in 2013-14), and he’s good at creating for others. However, he’ll have to prove he gets the idea of being a good teammate by falling in line with the hierarchy set forth by Doc Rivers, Chris Paul and Blake Griffin.

It’s fine for Stephenson to want to repair his reputation, and perhaps it is a bit inaccurate as he says. Either way, if he wants to contribute to a championshipsse Lingard insists he accidentally posted a video from his summer holiday that angered many fans and former players. The United midfielder filmed himself shouting and swearing in his Miami hotel room in July, while also sharing a clip of one of his run, he has to prove he understands exactly what that entails.

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