Phil Jackson says the Knicks will be a playoff team


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Phil, on expectations: “We believe we’re gonna be a playoff team [this year]. Then we don’t know how far we can go.”

— Chris Herring (@HerringWSJ)

Well, hey, it’s preseason. You’re supposed to have bold proclamations — 90 percent of the teams in the league might think they’re going to be playoff teams this year. 

But then, you have to also remember the Knicks play in the East. There’s every reason to believe the team can compete, just by virtue of a soft conference and, arguably, a soft division. The Nets got worse on paper and have a new coach to get used to. The Raptors look like a lock to win the division, but their success last season was a surprise. Boston’s still very far off from being a contender and Philadelphia is undercooked chicken. 

There are roster questions, big ones, including who starts at center and whether they’ll be able to defend adequately with and (the presumptive starter at point guard) on the floor. Their depth is not great. But Jackson has a magical effect on teams. It doesn’t hurt to set the expecation. And if they don’t get there, it’s unlikely Jackson will take heat for it. He’s just pretty heat-resistant in general. 

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